Holy Spirit Hall Lease Information


Renter shall pay a security deposit in the amount of $150.00 when this Lease Agreement is submitted, to confirm the reservation of Holy Spirit Hall.  Checks should be made payable to Healy-Murphy Center. The name of the Renter needs to be noted on the check.

If the terms in this lease agreement are upheld, the facility has been inspected and the rental manager has determined that there are no damages, damage may include but is not limited to the facility and equipment, the Security /Damage Deposit shall be refunded no later than 7 business days after the event, by check, issued to the individual listed above as the Renter.


Licensed security officers are required to oversee the property during the event.  The cost of security is the responsibility of the Renter.  The Security Policy is enforced to contribute to a peaceful and comfortable presence at Healy-Murphy Center and to ensure the safety of staff and guests, and protection of the property of Healy-Murphy Center and guests.  Healy-Murphy Center can provide contacts if necessary.  The Renter is required to provide the name of the security officer one week before the event.


Renter agrees to pay the balance (rent and any additional AV equipment rental) 30 days before the scheduled event.  All dues must be paid by check, cash, money order or credit card.   A $10 non-refundable service fee is added to all credit card payments.

Required Fees:

Security Deposit: ___________________

Rental Fee ________________________

AV Rental _________________________

Extra Hours ________________________ ($75.00 an hour)

TOTAL   ___________________________


It is understood that the leased premises are owned by Healy-Murphy Center and that any discrimination by Renter or his/her agents or employees, because of ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, handicapping condition or any other personal trait that does endanger other guests at the event, is strictly prohibited.  Admission into the event must not be determined by any discriminatory judgement.


Renter agrees that no activity, performance, exhibition, presentation, or entertainment that is potentially dangerous to the public or which is illegal, indecent, or obscene will occur at the Holy Spirit Hall.


Renter shall not assign, sublet or pledge this lease or any part thereof, nor make alterations to the premises without Healy-Murphy Center’s written consent.


Renter can recover fifty percent (50%) of the initial Security /Damage Deposit if the event is cancelled no later than 60 days prior to the event date.  If a letter of cancellation is not postmarked or submitted to rental manager before this date, the renter will forfeit one hundred percent (100%) of the Security/Damage Deposit.


Renter assures Healy-Murphy Center that the description of the event in the EVENT DESCRIPTION documented above, correctly depict the title, schedule of activities, and the purpose of the event.  Healy-Murphy Center reserves the right to review the intended use of the leased premises.  The renter may not use the leased premises for any purpose other than that specifically agreed to in the Lease.


There are no refunds for the time that an event is interrupted by an alarm or evacuation of the premises.


Healy-Murphy Center does not relinquish the right of Healy-Murphy Center staff to enter and inspect the rented premises at any time and does not relinquish the right to control the management and operation of the rented facilities.  Healy-Murphy Center retains the right to control the enforcement of all necessary and proper rules of the rented facilities, reserving the right to interrupt or cancel an event that has not fulfilled the Lease Agreement.  There is no refund for a cancelled event.


    If alcoholic beverages are to be served the renter must contract with a licensed agency/caterer or individual to serve alcohol.  No alcohol may be served during the preparation and decorating of the event.  No alcohol may be brought in by any unlicensed individual or group.  If the security officer determines that there is under-age drinking or alcohol furnished by anyone other than a licensed contractor, they will cite the minor and individual in accordance with Texas law, close down the event, and the renter will lose the deposit. No alcohol may be served at any event where Healy-Murphy students are present.


    Renter will keep all entrances, exits doorways, corridors and passageways clear at all times.


    Please make a check mark in front of the statement that matches the renter’s plans for serving food.

____ No food served at the event.

____Contract with a caterer with a food license to serve/deliver food.

____Distributing prepared food by a licensed food vendor.

____ Directly providing food/snacks without a food license.

If the renter plans to sell food or contracts a catering agency to sell, a temporary food license must be obtained from the City of San Antonio.


Renter will not cause or permit any changes, alterations, repairs, painting or staining of any part of the rented premises, furnishings or equipment.

No products such as helium balloons that could rise to the ceiling.

No application of damaging adhesive materials to walls or other surfaces in any manner that would damage walls or floors.

Remove all decorations at the end of the event.

Only battery operated candles are allowed.


 Banquet Seating Capacity:  95-115     Auditorium Seating: 130

Lighted out door space upon request   (Additional fee)

In no circumstance, shall any event held at Holy Spirit Hall be in excess of the designated area capacity.


Healy-Murphy Center shall have sole right to collect and have custody of articles left in the building by persons attending an event.  When contacted by the renter, Healy-Murphy Center will cooperate in returning property to its rightful owner. Healy-Murphy Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.


In the event that the renter’s property has not been removed by the termination time and date approved by Healy-Murphy Center in this lease, Healy-Murphy Center is hereby authorized to remove and store/discard all property in Holy Spirit Hall.  Healy-Murphy Center will not be liable for any damages or loss to such goods, wares, merchandise or other property which may be sustained.


Renter is responsible for physical damages and repairs.  Renter agrees to take reasonable care of the premises or any portion of the rental space.  All equipment is the property of Healy-Murphy Center and it is strictly prohibited to assemble, disassemble, move, operate or rearrange any fixture or equipment (except tables and chairs.) Renter is responsible for damages greater than their $150.00 security deposit.


If Healy-Murphy Center is required to file suit to collect any amount owned under the lease agreement or to enforce and defend the contract, and prevails in litigation, Healy-Murphy Center shall seek to collect the amount owed and litigation costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, which both parties agree are at least ten percent (10%) of the principal amount awarded by the Court.


If the Renter is unable to be present either completely or partially from the event, a designated representative of the renter must remain on the premises during the Term of the Lease.  The representative is responsible for enforcing the Lease Agreement and is the on-site contact for communicating with the Healy-Murphy Rental Manager.  Whether present or absent from the event, the Renter designated on this lease still remains completely responsible for all agreements in this Lease Agreement.


 No smoking inside or outside on any Healy-Murphy Center property.  Smokers must smoke outside on the sidewalk.  If there are cigarette butts anywhere on the property, there will be a deduction from the security deposit for clean-up.

All accidents must be reported to the local police.

Children must be supervised at all times.

No pets will be allowed in the building or on the property.

No confetti/silly string is allowed as table decorations.

Only the main side entrance is for guests to enter the building, but additional entry is open for fire    safety.

Sawdust or any other substance applied to the floor are prohibited.

It is prohibited to drive any vehicles on the facilities patios, or sidewalks. Unloading in    designated areas.

No smoke/fogging machines allowed at the event.

No red punch is allowed.

Site Manager will coordinate AC/Heat and audio visual equipment.

Renter agrees to clean-up.  Clear tables of plates, cups and all other items and placed in   garbage cans.  Clean up spills. Caterer or renter must ensure kitchen is clean.


If the  (a) Healy-Murphy Center or any portion thereof shall be destroyed or damaged by fire or other calamity so as to prevent the use of Holy Spirit Hall for the purposed and during the periods specified in this Lease Agreement, or  (b) if the use of Holy Spirit Hall by the renter shall be prevented by a natural disaster, strike, lockout, material or labor restrictions by any governmental authority, civil riot, flood or any other cause beyond the control of Healy-Murphy Center, then this Lease Agreement shall terminate.  Healy-Murphy Center shall not be liable or responsible to Renter for any damages caused thereby and Renter hereby waives any claim against Healy-Murphy Center for damages by reason of such terminations except that any unearned portion of the rent due hereunder shall abate, or if previously paid, shall be refunded by Healy-Murphy Center to the Renter.


In case of one (1) or more of the provisions contained in this Lease Agreement shall for any reason be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect any other provision thereof and this Lease Agreement shall be considered as if such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision had never been contained herein.


All requested changes to this Lease Agreement, attachments or plans in coordination must be in writing.  All notices, required or appropriate under this Lease Agreement shall be given in writing at this address:  Rental Manager, Healy-Murphy Center, 618 Live Oak, and San Antonio, Texas 78202.


This Lease Agreement is personal to the Renter listed on this Lease Agreement.  It cannot be assigned and any attempt to assign this Lease Agreement will terminate all rights and privileges herein granted.


This agreement shall be construed under and in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, all obligations of the parties created herein are performable in Bexar County, Texas and venue for litigation hereunder lies exclusively in Bexar County, Texas.


This Lease Agreement contains the final and entire agreement between the parties hereto, all of the terms and conditions agreed upon, and supersede all other agreements, oral or otherwise, regarding the subject matter of this Lease Agreement, none of which shall hereafter bind the parties hereto.  It is the intent of the parties that neither shall be bound by any term, condition or representation not herein written in this Lease Agreement or contained in attachment.











$150.00 DEPOSIT

EXTRA HOURS   $75.00 /hour

AV Equipment/Microphones   $50.00


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