Robotics Club Gears Up!

by Mr. Brevick Graham,  HMC Science Instructor and

Robotics Club sponsor


Healy Murphy Center’s Robotics Club has been meeting on Mondays from 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM.  We are using Lego-based robotics components from the Mindstorms product line which were donated to our club by an anonymous donor.  Students who actively participate are gaining valuable experience by not only understanding the technology of robotics, but also creating and eventually programming their own robots.  So far, students have created a wide variety of robots and many are already able to control the movements and actions of their robots using a remote control.  Students can be seen collaborating with others, problem-solving, and discovering new ways to design their robots for optimum performance and durability.  Soon, we plan to have informal contests in which team members compete against others.  We will do “Last Robot Standing” and “Robot Soccer” for the first two.  In time, students will learn to program their robots with either the user-friendly software designed for our robots, or by writing Java Script code.  Once we have taken the students to this level, we will be able to do more complex contests such as obstacle courses and task-oriented competitions.



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