Students Find Power in Art

This year HMC students got an up-close look at art from around the world and across the centuries as a part of the “Power in Art” collaboration between HMC and the San Antonio Museum of Art . This unique program gave all students the opportunity to visit the museum in both fall and spring semesters to engage in conversations and hands-on activities that focused on representations of power in ancient and contemporary artworks and in the Nelson Rockefeller’s Picasso Tapestries Commissioned for Kykuit special exhibition.   Artist Educators from the Museum also came to HMC prior to each visit as a “warm-up” to discuss the visual concepts and content they would be exploring at the museum.  As Museum Teacher and Student Programs Coordinator Noël Bella Merriam explained, “We want them to feel a connection to the Museum as a place where they can find what empowers them, interact with the art, and return.”  Each student received a family pass so that they can return to the Museum and share the experience with family and friends.


Healy-Murphy is one of ten schools (and the only high school) participating the Museum’s custom School Partnership program, which began three years ago and now serves 5,000 students.  We are grateful to Ms. Merriam and the San Antonio Museum of Art education staff for getting to know our students and developing the “Power in Art” program specifically for them.   We look forward to continuing the collaboration for years to come!

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students docent statue

Students discuss ancient Egyptian depictions of power.

docent picasso

A SAMA docent guides student interpretation of images in a Picasso tapestry.

art installation

Ricky Villareal, SAMA artist educator, hangs the tapestry HMC students created using CD’s and yarn.


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