Young Filmmakers Win Again!

Student committee is proud to announce that we placed 2nd in this year’s TxDot Project Celebration student film contest! HMC has been invited to participate in this program for the last 6 years and has placed in the top 3 every year. These funds have helped pay for events such as Prom and Gradfest. This year’s task was for students to present on the effects of texting and driving. Senior (now graduate!) Adam Carney took charge of the project. He developed the script, directed, edited and picked his actors.

Adam and fellow graduate Georgianna Saucedo attended the Project Celebration workshop on May 5th and presented HMC’s video. They competed against 5 schools and won $1250.

Congratulations to all of the participants– Adam, Georgianna, Mark Delgado, Erin E., Virginia C., Isis L. and Mrs. Whiteley. And a big thanks to Mrs. Maria Monroe and Mrs. Jane Smith for chaperoning our students who said, “They were great.” We agree!

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